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Starting at: $125*

The Maintenance Wash is our entry level detail. Your vehicle will receive a thorough exterior decontamination wash and Sio2 applictation for 3-4 months of paint protection, or added nourishment and increased longevity for your ceramic coating. We will also clean your door jambs and windows, inside and out, and provide a courtesy interior vacuum and tire dressing.


Starting at: $295*

The Gold Package will focus mainly on the interior of your vehicle. After a very thorough vacuumung of all carpets, floor mats, and upholstery, these items will either be steam cleaned, or hot-water extracted. All other surfaces will be steam cleaned, sanatized, and dressed. During the hand-wash process, your vehicle will be pre-sprayed, washed, chemically decontaminated, thoroughly rinsed, and blown/towel dried. A machanical decontamination will also be performed, which will aid in proper bonding of the paint protection of your choice. Windows will be cleaned (inside and outside), and RainX © will be applied to your windshield. All outside plastic and rubber will be dressed, to protect against UV damage, with tires receiving a premium tire dresser application.


Starting at: $395*

The Platinum Package is our most thorough detail. Every part of your vehicle will be touched! In addition to everything the Gold Package offers, this package will include:
A light paint correction, which will remove about 40% of the imperfections, giving your vehicle that smooth touch feeling. The engine bay will be steam cleaned and dressed, which will aid in the efficiency of your motor. A Polymer Sealant will be applied for 6-9 months of protection, unless you have chosen to go with one of the Feynlab ® Ceramic coating options. Wheels will be deep cleaned and polished. All chrome is polished, including the exhaust tips.


Starting at: $795*

The Platinum Plus package features an introductory level to ceramic coatings. You will receive the Platinum package as described, with additional paint correction time that will remove about 90% of paint imperfections, and the entry-level Feynlab Ceramic Lite will serve as paint protection. Feynlab Ceramic Lite is a cost effective, durable, slick, hydrophobic coating, which greatly out performs traditional waxes and sealants.

Additional Options

Polymer Sealant - 6-9 months of paint protection more advanced than the Sio2 spray. $60 upcharge, included with the platinum package.

Truck Bed Wash - Thorough cleaning of your truck's bed, $75 upcharge.

Undercoating - Non-solvent layer of protection against dirt and debris that may cause underbelly corrosion. Starting at $495*

*Cost will vary depending on size and condition of vehicle.

An extra dirty vehicle charge of $75 will be applied to vehicles with excessive stains, spills, pet hair, tar, etc.